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Concept Plus

For laboratories faced with high sample throughput, Concept Plus gives that extra edge. 610 plates can easily be incubated with plenty of working space to spare. The Concept Plus also allows users to transfer large bottles, flasks and other equipment, quickly and efficiently. The front-loading interlock features class leading "one touch" operation and easy access for loading/unloading.

Concept Plus cleverly combines a large capacity with a small footprint, providing an easily accessed working environment. A pull forward storage shelf, port holders and colour coded petri-dish holders help to improve the ergonomics of working with anaerobes in your laboratory.

Features and Benefits

  • 5 minute Interlock Cycle Time for rapid transfer of up to 78 plates (90 mm)
  • Automatic Interlock Outer Door Operation for simple front loading access
  • Minimum / Maximum Incubation Temperature - ambient +5oC to 45oC
  • Dual Gas Operation; ANO2 gas mix and N2 for low gas consumption and running costs
  • Workstation Fabrication is solvent bonded acrylic for optimum cell conditions
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