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Biosafety Cabinet, Class II - B2

Class II Biohazard Safety cabinet should provide personnel, product & environment protection.

Class II Cabinets differ in proportion as 100% air is exhausted from the cabinet through high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration.

Velocity of airflow to the work zone creates an class 100 environment for product protection, where the remaining exhaust air is discharged out through (HEPA).

Air barrier at the work opening & the contaminated air plenum under positive pressure. An air barrier between the operator & the work zone maintained by a flow of room air through a full width grille in the work opening.


  • HEPA filters tested to a typical efficiency of 99.997% up to 0.3 micron for better contamination free condition.
  • Washable Non woven synthetic polyester pre filter traps large particles protecting main filter & thus increasing the life of main filter.
  • Seamless stainless steel removable work surface.
  • The cabinet designed with curved frond edge for maximum operator comfort.
  • The closing/opening of front door is integrated with the UV ON/OFF. The UV will automatically switch “OFF” when the sash door is opened & switch “ON” when door is closed to avoid accidental exposure of UV light to the operator.
  • Electrical components used are standard for better electrical safety for the operator.
  • Double inlet blower fitted in such a way to reduces vibration.
  • UV absorbent counterbalanced front sash door made up of toughened glass or polycarbonate sheet provided with channel locks for adjustment at particular level.
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