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Animal Handling Cabinate

The IMSET Microsafe Dual Access Animal Handling Workstation provides protection to operator, productandlaboratory environment against allergens during animal handling.

The IMSET Microsafe Dual Access Workstation is our new product which offers the best combination of performance & quality that meet the safety needs of your organization.


  • Air is taken from the ambient environment through the top unit by the unit blower system.
  • The HEPA-filtered downflow air flushes the entire work-zone at an average velocity of 0.28m/s or 55fpm.
  • Inflow air curtain offers operator protection against allergens by preventing the allergens from escaping from the work area.
  • Exhaust air is filtered and recirculated directly back to the room from the bottom of the unit.
  • Special carbon filter to lessen odors.
  • Less than 40 dB.
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