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PCR Workstation

The IMSET PCR Prep Station is a compact laminar flow enclosure that reduces the risk of contamination while performing polymerase chain reaction experiments. Particulate matter is swept away by a constant flow of Class 100 HEPA filtered air.


  • 99.997% efficient HEPA filter UV light to prevent cross contamination Stainless steel tray Safety shield to prevent exposure to UV light In addition, the PCR Prep Station has a built-in UV sterilizer.
  • Between amplifications simply place all pipettes, tubes and flasks in the cabinet and press the UV switch. After five minutes, the UV light will automatically switch off and potentially contaminating DNA and RNA will have been destroyed.
  • The compact design ensures that the PCR Prep Station takes up no more bench space than normally used for PCR work, while the open sloped front gives unhindered access for sample preparation. The detachable front panel prevents direct UV exposure during sterilization.
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