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SCI-tive Dual

The SCI-tive range of advanced hypoxic workstations are designed to mimic ‘in-vivo’ conditions providing a continuous cell culture environment which eliminates cellular stress linked to variations in temperature, pH and oxidation yielding better stem cell lines. SCI-tive allows long term cell culture under perfect hypoxic or anoxic conditions, with user defined temperature, CO2 and humidity levels. The SCI-tive Dual asymmetric workstation provides two chambers with individually controlled atmospheres.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete 'Lab in a Box'

    • Large incubated working area allows incubation, passaging, media transfers and cell culture.
    • Large pass-through interlock* easily holds a variety of flasks, dishes and tubes.
    • Interlock Capacity: 48 96-well Plates or up to 15 T75 flasks.

  • Accurate & Stable Environmental Control

    • O2 stability from 0.0% (anoxia) to 20.9% (ambient) in 0.1% increments.
    • CO2 stability from 0.1% to 30.0% in 0.1% increments.
    • Temperature control from ambient +5° C to 45° C.
    • Humidity control from ambient to 85% RH.
    • One touch sensor calibration.

  • Economic & Reliable for Long-Term Savings

    • Minimal maintenance and downtime.
    • 1 year and 2-year preventative maintenance kits available.

  • Convenient & Comfortable to Use

    • Quick and easy direct access - Ezee Plug / Ezee Sleeve (gloveless cuffed system) allows you to get your hands inside the workstation in less than 20 seconds.
    • Read plates easily without exposure to ambient oxygen conditions - energy-saving fluorescent lighting for perfect illumination.
    • Automatic and easy-to-access controls.
    • Advanced integrated gas mixing system with touch screen simplifies calibration process, provides rapid equilibration, and facilitates the download of data.
    • Cycle programming allows a user-defined timed sequence of up to 4 different O2 and CO2 concentrations.
    • Removable front cover (both chambers) - allows easy access for cleaning or placing instrumentation into the unit.
    • Three electrical power sockets (per chamber) within each work area.
    • Optional HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filtration system provides HEPA-filtered air within the work area to protect research from airborne contaminants.
    • Optional enhanced containment package provides added protection for user.

  • Easily Accommodates Your Analytical Tools

    • Each chamber of the SCI-tive Dual can easily accommodate a variety of analytical equipment. Please contact Ruskinn or your local distributor for a list of approved products. Products must be suitably safety approved in the country of use.
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